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Fear the first. «I’m afraid of losing my card»

There are many distrustful cvvwithpinpeople in our country. Once they fall for the bait of scammers, they begin to fixate on the risk of falling into a prepared trap once again. But in the case of a credit card, their fears are still unfounded.

No, Bank plastic should be protected, of course. And even to protect yourself from its possible theft would not be superfluous. But why these additional problems?

All the owner has to take care of is not to throw the card around and keep it in a safe place. A wallet with a special pocket for business cards and credit buycccardingcards will come in handy. What should I do if it is stolen? Call the Bank and immediately block the card account. Unlike regular cash, the money on the card will remain intact. You can get them later, when the Bank issues a new credit card.